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How and When to Test Unusual Strategies in Poker?

To play online poker effectively you need to maintain a level of spontaneity or you run the risk of being easily spotted by your opponents. Starting from bluffing to folding, the poker strategy that players have must be a combination of bets so that it is not easy to guess slot Thailand online. Online poker can last a few hours meaning a big part of advanced poker strategy is knowing when to strike and sitting back.


Why is Unorthodox Poker Strategy Important?

Placing unusual bets is one very good way to keep your opponents on their toes and not give them a chance to predict your hand. Once your opponents understand your poker personality, your game becomes more difficult and boring. For example, if you fold 85% of hands and only bet when you hold a strong hand, players will identify that you are not bluffing and only bet when you feel comfortable doing so. This allows players to play against you and often fold to avoid facing strong hands.

Also, the element of surprise (which comes in unorthodox plays) is a great way to encourage opponents to place bets out of character. Experienced players always look to the future; deciding how to bet if certain cards appear or when an opponent bets a certain amount. However, unorthodox bets can cause players to throw out their pre-arranged strategies and bets, thus making them more prone to mistakes.

It’s important to note that this doesn’t always work, especially if your table is full of players. The more players involved in a round, the less likely you are to succeed. Make sure to play strategically when making unorthodox bets as doing so repeatedly won’t help you.

Unorthodox Poker Strategy

Playing online poker for real money will require you to face lots of opponents of varying skill levels, meaning you’ll be up against tons of different strategies and tricks. When the table is full it is most important to differentiate yourself from the players and that is where unorthodox strategy comes into play. Unorthodox playing can earn you big payouts and big pockets. And, if you are unlucky while playing, then you will always be able to fold during the round. Here are some strategies to try.

Stop-Loss Strategy

Staying mentally and emotionally stable during poker games is very important – going on a losing streak (facing a losing streak) can be catastrophic. However, this happens to everyone at some point in time. It’s important to identify when you start tilting and leave the table. This is considered a stop-loss strategy. Playing while tilted can cause you to make out-of-character bets. Even more dangerous, it allows individuals to think that they have to make up for their losses.

How and When to Test Unusual Strategies in Poker?

This can result in a player’s strategy failing in online poker games. Once you find yourself doing this, then you should exit the game immediately. Another way to avoid tilt is to set a win situs togel, loss, or duration limit. For example, before a game, you decide to leave the game after four hours, regardless of the circumstances. Remember, playing while tired is a common trigger for tilt.

Range Not Hand

A common perception made by beginner and intermediate players is that your hand is the most important factor and this is not always the case. To progress in poker, you need to look at the game differently than you normally would and identifying a range of hands is a great way to do this. Professional players make ranges with their hands, for example:

  • Weak hands (third, fourth or fifth pair)
  • Draw (straight draw, flush draw)
  • Nuts (straight, full house)
  • Strong hands (top pair, top kicker)

Throughout the game, it is important to mentally note what ranges appear as some ranges are more common than others. For example, weak hands are more likely to appear than ties. With this in mind, and based on your own hand, you can bet according to what hands could beat you and their likelihood of occurrence.


Often considered an inexperienced move, limping is the process of canceling a bet, not raising. It usually happens when people are half bluffing and want to see the next card. Although it looks like a novice move, it can be a strength. Why? Because it’s a great way to build pots, keep players engaged and stay under the radar. When holding a strong hand, it’s easy to get carried away and bet big.

This is an effective way to win pots, however it scares your opponents, meaning you haven’t maximized the pot size. Limping allows your opponent to raise and bet for you. All of this is done while you sit quietly and patiently in the corner, waiting to get on the river.

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