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Balcony Decor: 5 Trendy Tips To Follow


Do you want to make your balcony a little corner of paradise to relax on or invite your friends over? Discover the current trends that can help you furnish the balcony of your dreams. No need to change all the decor to give your balcony a new look. With simple little decorative elements, you can transform the look of your outdoor space in an instant.


To travel without leaving home nothing better than the ethnic style. Trendy for a long time indoors, it now charms our exteriors by bringing them influences from here and elsewhere. The ethnic decoration is ideal for city balconies since it exudes exoticism and a change of scenery. For sunny days, we forget the Scandinavian decor and opt for a summery touch. This style is particularly suitable for those who love pop and vitamin colors and who want to escape to a distant universe. Also called “bohemian gypset” style, this type of decoration is a joyful mix of objects, representative of the know-how and craftsmanship of other countries.


The “Africa” ​​style has imposed itself in our exteriors by its artisanal and graphic side. So that your balcony is dressed in the pretty colors of Africa, bet on an energizing atmosphere with pretty wax cushions with explosive colors and patterns. This decoration is characterized by its shimmering colors, with shades of yellow and ocher. Opt for natural materials, such as a jute rug that will structure your balcony space accompanied by wicker wall decorations. You can accessorize everything with woven and colorful baskets of different sizes as well as beautiful vases.


For an Asian-style balcony, opt for a slightly more refined decor, with light colors and Zen decorative accessories. We also prefer natural materials such as bamboo which will not only be an undeniable decorative asset but which will also serve to hide you from prying eyes. By letting bamboo grow along your balustrade you will have the impression of being immersed in a real Asian forest and you will almost forget the horns of the city. This decorative style is made for you if you are fond of peace and quiet. A pretty bonsai or a simple space made of gravel or stones will provide you with a relaxing atmosphere and a guaranteed escape.


For an oriental balcony worthy of a tale of a thousand and one nights, opt for typical Mediterranean accessories. Floor cushions, kilim rugs, wrought iron lanterns to place on the floor or to hang, or macrame on the walls to blur the borders with the interior… there is a multitude of decorative objects that will give your balcony a oriental. Don’t forget the traditional low bench, very aesthetic (and practical) for balconies, which can comfortably accommodate your guests. In terms of colors, we prefer solar shades that will illuminate your space. Terracotta colors such as terra cotta will give this very fashionable boho or ethnic chic look.


Would you like a little tour of the tropical regions of Mexico, Brazil or Argentina? Shimmering colours, embroidered fabrics, wooden furniture, decorative ceramic objects… South American decor has not finished surprising us. This style is perfectly in tune with the times since it highlights natural and recycled materials. Giving pride of place to craftsmanship, the Latin decor exudes the trend of the moment.

True symbol of South America, we use and abuse the cactus! Very easy to maintain, just like succulents, these plants have their place on balconies. The patterns also characterize this type of decoration very well. If we generally talk about Aztec patterns, we also find a multitude of ikat, bogolan, chevron and stripe prints.

The cocooning style that advocates comfort and well-being does not seem to go out of fashion. Derived from Scandinavian decor, today we talk about the “hygge” style. A true way of life straight from Denmark, hygge consists of slowing down and taking your time, cocooning at home. If this decorative trend has crept into our interiors, the balcony also deserves to benefit from its advantages.

To be hygger on your balcony, you still have to choose comfortable furniture. To do this, opt for a pretty outdoor bench with large, soft cushions. We don’t hesitate to accentuate the depth to create a real outdoor bed where you can lounge for hours on end with a book in your hand. And yes, transforming your balcony into a bedroom is trendy. You can even create your own bed with a few recycled pallets, and voila! Stack blankets, plaids and well-padded cushions, and immerse yourself in a real cozy nest. Sweet evenings under the stars are yours. The little extra: to make your balcony a real refuge, choose blackout blinds or a screen.

Because hygge decor also means choosing natural and authentic materials, we multiply the little natural touches here and there. For accessories, opt for seagrass, raffia or wicker baskets to store throws and cushions. For the floor, we favor wood, an authentic and natural material par excellence. There are clip-on wooden plank systems that are very easy to lay on balconies that will immediately make the space much more welcoming.

To have a multifunctional balcony, don’t forget (if space permits) to place a lounge area on the other side with armchairs and a coffee table. You can use raw wooden cubes of different sizes as a side table or even as a stool. For colors, we prefer soft shades such as beige, gray or brown. Last but not least, we put everything on the lighting by multiplying the light sources to prolong the evening on the balcony.

Authentic and unadorned, the slow decor trend is gaining ground. Kesako? This new decorative approach highlights the simplicity of shapes and materials, the beauty of imperfect things made by hand. With slow decoration, we take the opportunity to take our time, to focus on the essentials. We forget the superfluous and we turn to the bare necessities. Minimalism, recycling and ethics sum up this trend perfectly.

The uncluttered balcony allows you to sit down. To take the time to breathe. For this we opt for simple, beautiful and functional furniture. And above all, we choose them carefully. The ideal would be to turn to eco-responsible models and bet on sure values, that is to say, committed brands and quality and durable products.

A simple wooden table with stools or a rattan sofa with a few cushions in natural textile fibers accessorize the decor with poetry. We prefer the simplicity of raw wood furniture and their irregularity for a balcony full of charm and without fuss. Check for models now on!

This economy of the superfluous allows a visual harmony and gives a feeling of well-being in this space which only requires to be ventilated to be able to circulate there freely. But the bare necessities do not mean bland. For colors, we prefer soft and soothing shades. An almond green or a comforting beige on the walls, hints of pastel blue on the furniture and you will have a tangy and relaxing decor.

For a slow deco and minimalist balcony, the emphasis is on recovering and recycling objects, to give them a second life. Upcycling, or overcycling in good French, is in vogue in the decorative world and means an “upgrading” of everyday objects that have lost their usefulness. Because nothing is lost, everything is transformed!

Transforming a Q bottle into a pretty vase, old pallets into an outdoor bench, unused crates into decorative furniture… are examples of clever recovery that combine style and aesthetics.

Because “slow” furniture and objects have the charm of handmade and craftsmanship, we therefore choose imperfect objects, with a raw appearance, which exude authenticity. Terracotta, porcelain, stone… are materials that gladly invite themselves onto our balconies to dress flower pots and other decorative objects.

Have you ever heard of the loggia? Halfway between the veranda and the balcony, the loggia is an atypical exterior, closed, with veranda aspects. If this extension had the wind in its sails in the 50s, it is making a strong comeback in our apartments and blowing a vintage air on our houses. This type of layout is ideal if you end up spending little time on your balcony or if its location does not allow you to take full advantage of it. Disturbing noise, excessive vis-à-vis, balcony poorly sheltered from bad weather and wind… There are several reasons for wanting to close your balcony in order to make it a better optimized space.

Before starting, however, you must think about checking whether the co-ownership regulations authorize this type of development. In most cases, apartments are in condominiums and balconies are generally considered common areas, hence the importance of checking before any work.

If you tend to desert your balcony, for lack of space or use, it can be very advantageous to roll up your sleeves to give it a makeover from head to toe and redefine its use. Closing your balcony by transforming it into a loggia makes it possible in particular to create a new room which will enlarge the house. A true extension of the interior, your closed balcony nevertheless remains a small outdoor space with its bay windows that give a direct window to the outside.

Think again, closing your balcony does not mean completely partitioning it off. You can install a system of glass panels, modular and sliding, which open and close as you wish. Real well of light, this balcony will be a big asset for your apartment which will benefit from continuous sunshine.

Because it’s a shame to take advantage of this space only on sunny days, having a closed balcony will allow you to take advantage of it all year round! Beyond enlarging the apartment, the glazed loggia protects the balcony from wind and bad weather while guaranteeing a view of the outside.

The advantage of such a layout is that you can enjoy your balcony whatever the season and the weather! It is also well suited to the lucky ones who benefit from a sea or unobstructed view but who cannot make the most of this space due to the particular climatic conditions.

Who says balcony in town often says parasitic noises of cars and people passing by… The advantage of a closed balcony is that you can relax there quietly while being less bothered by the outside. We have all the advantages, without the disadvantages. Not bad is not it?

Creating a loggia allows you to have a very cocooning and intimate environment. You have the impression of being in a bubble suspended out of sight and the urban rush. The glazed balcony, because it offers more privacy, will therefore be an ideal solution for those who wish to make their outdoor space a small oasis of peace.

Loggias are becoming an increasingly popular space and can be arranged in various ways. It is first and foremost a paradise for plants. Protecting them from the cold and the rain, this balcony gives your plants maximum natural light and keeps them warm.

You can also take advantage of this extension to create a bright and pleasant office area. Or make it a relaxation area with a deckchair, garden furniture or even a hammock to enjoy the outdoors without the climatic constraints.

The green trend has been sweeping our interiors for a long time now and even extends to the balcony! If you can’t go far from home, why not make your balcony a real little tropical forest. The “urban jungle” decorative style is on the rise, and we understand why!

It’s proven, plants are good for your health. They contribute to our well-being and affect our mood. The mere sight of greenery feels good and helps us slow down and breathe. Green plants have many virtues, including a depolluting effect, perfect for balconies in the city center. In addition to this sanitizing power, they would participate in a good circulation of energies and would have a relaxing and soothing influence on our mind. So what are you waiting for to green your pretty balcony?

Just because you live in town or your balcony is small, doesn’t mean you can’t bring a bit of nature there! At the time of green power, let yourself be tempted by this ultra green trend by playing the card to the fullest, and daring to accumulate.

Succulent, exotic, more classic plants, hanging pots or planters, plant walls and terrariums… Green plants are combined in the plural on the balcony for an even wow effect.

In short: to make your balcony look like a real jungle perched in the middle of the city, always dare more green and especially bet on tropical plants. Cactus, palm trees or small baobabs, succulents or even hibiscus… will deliver a sweet exotic scent and give a warm and summery atmosphere to your outdoor space. Also remember to match your garden furniture by choosing natural colors such as green or even brown so that your balcony breathes nature.

What could be more pleasant than growing your own organic vegetables and aromatic herbs? It is a trend that is gaining the balconies of city dwellers. The vegetable garden takes on height and decorates our outdoor spaces while finding them a new utility.

Even XXS balconies can have their own little square of vegetable garden to grow cherry tomatoes or thyme, romaine or sage to flavor your little dishes without leaving your home. Gardening on your balcony is quite possible and it feels good.

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